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SITE LISTINGS for Alcohol and aether compounds

    Yangzhou Tianchen Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd

  • Tianchen Chem was established in 1997, with scientific research, production and trade as the main activities. Headquartered in Yangzhou city, we are a scientific and technological enterprises in research, development a

    Wentong Potassium Salt Group Co.,Ltd

  • Wentong Group, founded in 1995 with fixed assets of 1 billion yuan, is a large enterprise of potassium salt in inorganic industry in China, combining R&D, production, supply and marketing into one. Its predecessor is S

    Wuhan Youji Industries Company Limted

  • Wuhan Youji Industries Co., Ltd is a world leading chemical company specialized in preservation and anti-microbial technologies and production for food, beverage, animal feed and other industries. We pursue and maintai

    Zhejiang Xinhua Chemical Co.,Ltd.

  • Zhejiang Xinhua Chemical Co., a state Hi-Tech enterprise,With more than30 years exper ience in the field of chemical process,it lead to Xinhua Aroma chemical der ived from Gum Turpentine. Xinhua focus prim

    Zhejiang Shoufu Chemical Co.,Ltd.

  • Zhejiang Yangfan Investment Group includes five subsidiary companies: Zhejiang Shou & Fu Chemical Co., Ltd. (Jinyun County), Zhejiang Yangfan Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. (Shangyu City), Zhejiang Yangfan Chemtech Devel. Co.

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