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    Melford Laboratories Ltd

  • Melford Laboratories Ltd. is a Chemical and Biochemical Manufacturer supplying Companies worldwide. Our range of fluorinated organic chemicals is constantly expanding and most items are available from grams up t

    medilux laboratories

  • We have been providing quality back-end support to the pharmaceutical industry at large since our inception in 1988.


  • Molecraft LifeSciences is actively involved in research and development and production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API's), intermediates(advance Intermediates), metabolites , Pharmaceutical Impurities and rel

    Makwell Plastisizers Pvt. Ltd.

  • Makwell started its operations in 1965 and since then never looked back. Today Makwell is one of the leading players in Plasticizers and Additives. Makwell has bench marked itself for high standards and quality. Today

    Mirae International Corp

  • Mirae Global Co., Ltd. operation in 1986 with a view to become an important trader and manufacturer of petrochmical products. After only a decade, MIRAE has laid a solid foundation as a distinguished international trad

    M.G. Chemicals USA

  • Founded in 1955, M.G. Chemicals is a manufacturer and wholesaler of chemical products for the electronics industry. Our chemical products include dusters and circuit coolers, cleaner / degreasers, flux removers, contac

    Mikrochem spol. s r.o.

  • Mikrochem je firma, ktorápracuje na slovenskom trhu od roku 1990, a zameriava sa svojím sortimentom nielen na chemickypriemysel. Sme vyrobná, ale i obchodnáfirma. Pracujeme na vysokej profesionálnej a odbornejúro

    Macrocyclics, Inc.,

  • Macrocyclics, Inc., a manufacturer of customized chelating agents, is dedicated to leading-edge development of new chelation chemistry platforms critical for advancement of diagnostic and therapeutic medicine.

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